Funny Video: Return of the Best Backpack Ever!

Hilarious Archwood Flextrek 37 Trillion pack now features 'Clic Method' technology

The geniuses behind the mind-blowing Archwood Flextrek 37 Trillion backpack are back with a new-and-improved version, now featuring "Clic Method" technology. It's so revolutionary, you'll wonder how you lived without it. Here's another fantastic demo video, once again featuring the nearly-nude, "ultimate outdoor enthusiast" Steve Climber:

We're still waiting for any of the more well-known pack manufacturers to tape a video answer to Archwood's claim that the Flextrek is "the only pack anyone should ever buy." I personally can't wait to tow mine behind a car. "Intimidate your surroundings!"

—Ted Alvarez

via Adventure Blog