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If you want to stay alive, get out of the house.
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Sorry for the slow posts. I’ve been pounding on future stories about the Rockies, Uintas, Survival and Denali. - Even doing prep work for the 2009 Gear Guide and Editor’s Choice. And just think, dear reader, it’s all for you.

My imagination neurons were burnt. I was scraping oak from the barrel-bottom of creativity. That means I had to scrape harder. Hours turned to weeks of living like a cubicle troll. Then Jen told me I was turning into an asshole and kicked me out of the house.

I went for an evening hike in the middle of Capitol Reef. It was delightful. I always forget how beautiful this place is, and how quickly a dose of nature can turn your life around. Sometimes survival doesn’t have anything to do with spearing fish or following a compass bearing.

I shot some nice scenic photos, and ended up trail running in spite of myself. It had been 11 days since I left the house, much less exercised. The heat slapped me hard. I did not perform well. I am not, apparently, a hottie. Sigh. But I sure had fun.

I ran across a tame deer and started to take some big-eared portraits. Then I realized something was moving at the base of a nearby tree. Enjoy. Apparently it’s baby animal season. And consider yourself kicked. –Steve Howe