Four Corners Off By 2.5 Miles!

The national marker identifying the the intersection of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona is in the wrong place

If you've ever made a pilgrimage to the Four Corners—the only spot where you can stand in four states at once in the U.S.—I've got some sour news: You were never there. The National Geodetic Survey has determined that the monument dedicated to where New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah meet is 2 1/2 miles west of the actual point.

So instead of putting one limb in each state, you were simply flailing about somewhere in eastern Utah. Our condolences.

Meanwhile, some horny toad has been sitting on a patch of dirt just east of the crowds, waiting for his day in the sun. That day has come my friend—I hope you've ordered all the tacky souvenirs and fake-frontier billboards you'll need to capitalize on it.

As for you Four Corners visitors, there's only one thing to do: Find mom, dad, sis, bro, and grandma, pile back into the minivan/station wagon, and head back out to the real Four Corners. That, or get a life.

—Ted Alvarez

Four Corners marker is off by 2 1/2 miles (Denver Post)

Thanks, Jason

Image Credit: jakesmome