Fly With Birds Of Prey

If you thought paragliding was sweet, try doing it in Nepal with hawks and eagles at your side.
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 ‘Parahawking’—even the word sounds badass. And it’s exactly what it sounds like: Parahawking involves paragliding while hawks and other birds of prey fly next to you. Himalayan Raptor Rescue came up with these ‘sky safaris’ as a way to raise awareness and funds to protect critically endangered species in the mountains of Nepal. As if swooping, gliding, and diving like a hawk wasn’t enough, as a bonus your money will help protect over 80 species of raptors that call the Himalayas home (like the white-backed vulture).

Check out parahawkers in action:

A tandem parahawking flight costs about $150, and all flights are based out of Pokhara, Nepal. Members from Himalayan Raptor Rescue have trained birds to fly alongside paragliders since 2001.

How about you: Would you put parahawking on your life list? Where would you like to parahawk stateside? Tells us about it below.

—Jordan Olmsted

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