Fact Or Fiction: Wildlife Gone Wild! Edition

Introducing our new weekly feature chronicling the weirdest outdoor news. But, there's a twist: One story is bogus! Read on to see if you can find the faker.

At BACKPACKER, a lot of weird wildlife enters our purview, both onscreen in the news feed, in our backyards, and sometimes even the office kitchen. So, it takes a truly wacky wildlife story to make our ears prick up.

Behold: the three strangest wildlife stories we've heard this week. See if you can spot the one that isn't real. (And no using the Google! That's cheating!)

Coyote + Wolf = Coywolf or Wolfote?

Scientists say that DNA tests reveal that wolves have interbred with coyotes in the northeastern U.S., creating a larger hybrid capable of taking down deer as prey.

More Giant Snakes On Our Plains

You've heard about Burmese pythons taking over the Everglades, but it's worse than that: Now, wildlife managers report identifying eight other types of dangerous constrictors, including reticulated pythons and anacondas, the largest snakes on Earth.

Alaska Extends Wolf Hunting Season

Wildlife managers decided to shut down wolf hunting near Yellowstone early over concerns that hunter were taking out wolves too fast. To attract hopeful hunters, Alaska has extended both the length of their season and the number of licenses they'll issue for wolf hunting.

Think you've found the false entry? Find out after the jump.

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Did you spot the fake story? How did you know? Which one fooled you? Tell us in the comments section below.

—Ted Alvarez