Fact Or Fiction: Bobcat fights, Natural Climate Change and Metallica's Open Space

This week's weird outdoor news—plus one faker.

This week's F vs. F should be a gimme—you've got a 1/3 chance of getting it right, after all.

Can you figure out the false bit of news? Read on to find out—and remember, no using Google to cheat!

Metallica singer James Hetfield gives 330 acres to California open space."Whaaaaooo--whoooaah!" Metallica frontman James Hetfield, the metal mastermind behind hits like "Enter Sandman" and "Master of Puppets," recently donated 330 acres overlooking the Lucas Valley in Northern California's Marin County. Formerly part of hetfield's personal property, the acreage will be preserved as farmland, and this follows a previous donation of 400 acres for open space wilderness. He's also close to a deal that would reroute a hiking trail that crosses his property.

British newspaper publishes credible list of 100 reasons why climate change is natural. British newspaper the Daily Express just published a list purporting to explain all the reasons why climate change is a natural phenomenon, rather than an event spurred on by the carbon emissions of man. Assembled from credible scientists, climatologists worldwide are scrambling to re-incorporate data and alter climate models to help redefine carbon limits and potential legislation.

Man strangles bobcat to death. An Arizona man preparing to leave in his pickup heard growling from beneath it. When he looked under to check, a bobcat pounced, attacking with full fury. Realizing no one would help rescue him from the possibly rabid animal, he strangled the cat to death, and survived with scratches on his forearms.

And the big lie is... (CLICK HERE TO READ)

Could you sniff out the stinker story? How did you know? Which one fooled you? Tell us in the comments section below.

—Ted Alvarez