Extreme Hiker Video: El Caminito Del Rey


Snowsports fans and climbing bums get massive seasonal doses of films pumping up the out-there achievements of their respective sports. But extreme adventure hiking videos don't come along very often, so when one shows up, we've gotta milk it. Spain's El Caminito del Rey has it all: Dizzying heights, incredible vistas, and insanely crumbling infrastructure. Check it:

The route gets closed from time to time by local government (usually when somebody falls to their death), but hikers always manage to make their way back to the dilapidated via ferrata. Some clip into a harness and attach a carabiner to the flimsy safety wire that runs the length of the trail.

"El Caminito del Rey" means "The King's little road;" let's hope Spain's king isn't afraid of heights.

— Ted Alvarez

Via Adventure Blog