Everest Gets 3G Cell Phone Service

Private company installs eight cell towers on Nepal side of Everest.

Your hero call from the summit just got trumped by a little Himalayan mountain: Everest.

That’s right, the mighty Qomolangma (Tibetan for Everest) now has 3G coverage from basecamp in the Khumbu Valley all the way past the Hilary Step to the summit register. So, next season, trekkers will be able to give a shout out from the summit of the world’s highest peak.

Ncell, a new, Nepali-based private telecommunications company, announced that they had installed 3G cellphone antennas at basecamp and the service reaches the summit. There are eight total base stations around the mountain; four will run on solar power.

This begs the question, of course, who will become the “Mayor” of the summit on Foursquare? We’re pulling for Ang Sherpa.

—Andrew Matranga

via NY Times