Epic Mud #Fail - Backpacker

Epic Mud #Fail

A (hilarious) cautionary tale for us all.

We’ve said before, and we’ll say it again: Just walk through the mud. On most backpacking adventures, hikers will likely encounter some serious mud – and the best course of action is to plow through, left-right-left-right. That’s what a good pair of boots and gaiters are for. Mud won’t kill you.

But if you try and weasel your way around it, it can come close. No matter how much you share this advice, somebody will try to negotiate a way around a muddy trail. And that’s when disasters like this can happen:

Thank you for your sacrifice, young Briony. Your epic mud fail will serve as a cautionary tale for mud-phobic backpackers everywhere.

(via Huffington Post)