Endangered Frogs For Sale!

Oregon wildlife officials shut down 6-year-old's biz

Most kids out to make a buck try the same hackneyed professions — mowing lawns, babysitting, hocking too-sweet lemonade on street corners. But 6-year-old Cole Gomes of Alder Slope, Oregon showed an unusually enterprising streak and a unique sustainable business model: He sold frogs of all sizes and stages.

But there was one glaring problem: The species of frogs Cole sold were Oregon spotted frogs, which are listed as threatened and are considered candidates for the Endangered Species list.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials saw Cole's frogs in a local newspaper story and promptly shut him down. Thankfully, they declined to seize the $40 in profit Cole had made from his enterprise.

"Cole couldn't understand it. He was practically in tears all day," said his mother. "He wanted to know if he'd have to give the money back."

But proving himself an undaunted mini-Trump, Cole quickly recovered and engineered a new business model. He now sells African water frogs from stock he purchased at Wal-Mart. Here's his pitch:

"Now Here!!!," the flyer reads. "Cole has NEW friends to sell!! The only frog that lives completely under water. The African frog is one of a kind and will make a great addition to your aquarium. (It is a tropical animal and must be kept indoors). This frog comes with his own companion, one glo-light tetra fish. Limited stock, call Cole now."

Sold. I predict a massive rise in the sale of African water frogs, and Cole will reign over an Oregon frog empire the likes of which have never been seen before.

— Ted Alvarez

ODFW puts 6-year-old boy out of business (East Oregon Online)

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