Endangered Everglades

Salazar urges U.N. to place Florida's Everglades on list of threatened sites

You know a park is in trouble when the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar calls on the United Nations for help. This week, Salazar will petition the U.N. at a World Heritage Committee meeting in Spain to include Everglades National Park on a list of endangered World Heritage sites.

This decision reverses a controversial Bush-era decision to ask that the park be removed from the list, despite the fact that restoration programs hadn't been completed.

''I agree that the park was removed from the list without adequate consultation and without appropriate measures in place to evaluate our efforts,'' Salazar wrote in a June 16 letter.

If Everglades gets added to the list, it could make for two endangered national parks in the U.S. Glacier National Park is also under threat from nearby mining that could pollute the park's Flathead River.

—Ted Alvarez

U.S. seeks to put Everglades back on endangered list (Miami Herald)

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