Embrace Your Inner Treehugger

We sure hope you care about the environment but even if you don't, Earth Day is the day to fake it

Drag your bike out from behind the lawnmower in the garage, pull out that chic canvas tote, and get ready for this year's round of photo ops of eco-friendly politicians—today is Earth Day.

Obama is visiting Newton, Iowa today, a city almost wiped out when a Maytag plant closed two years ago. But—how convenient—green business swooped in and saved the day, providing the town with jobs building the towers supporting wind turbines. He'll use his visit to talk about the $15 billion he wants each year dedicated to renewable energy.

As to be expected, not everyone is rolling up their sleeves to plant trees or install solar panels. Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh is commemorating the holiday by honoring Gordon Dancy, the man who "invented the first high density plastic grocery bag, which can handle up to 40 pounds of stuff," Limbaugh said. "That singular invention has benefited our daily life on earth in multitudinous ways."

So what can you do on Earth Day that's between these two extremes? Treehugger came out with a list of the 10 best cities to be in for the occasion, including the smog-choked L.A. and greenest city finalist Portland, but we suggest a different route. Instead of spending Earth Day at a crowded fair drinking from a recycled cup, we'll be honoring the outdoors the way we always do: on our favorite trails. I'll pack the organic gorp if you bring the Klean Kanteens.

—Morgan Keys

Image credit: Scott Sanders