Did Steve Fossett Fake His Death?

Questions still surround missing billionaire adventurer

Renowned insurance firm Lloyd’s of London, who are investigating before shelling out a nearly $50 million insurance claim, remain unsatisfied with the investigation. Risk assessor Robert Davis had this to say:

Whoah, easy there, Bobby…no need to spill excess Earl Grey on your crumpet. Fossett’s widow Peggy Fossett vehemently denies the claims, while pal Branson calls the whole theory “crap.” The Civil Air Patrol also issued a release today that seems to distance them from ryan’s comments, stating that “Recent comments attributed to Ryan regarding the search for Fossett contain errors of fact, appear to be taken out of context and were not released with the knowledge or approval of CAP…Issues pertaining to Fossett’s personal life and/or rumors surrounding his disappearance are entirely unrelated to CAP’s search efforts and, therefore, it would be inappropriate for CAP to comment about them.”

Occam’s razor — the idea that the simplest explanation is usually the right one — seems to favor the obvious: Fossett probably crashed and died, but he hasn’t been found, and perhaps he won’t ever be found. After all, searchers uncovered eight other here-to-fore missing plane crashes, and the search area remains one of the absolute most remote places in the country. Countless high mountains, vast deserts, craggy canyons, and deep forests mask the entire search area; they could hold a plane hostage forever.

But maybe the rumors are true, and right now Steve Fossett is sitting on the beach with his toes in the sand, sipping on a mai tai in anonymity. Although, without access to his billions perhaps he’s serving the mai tais. You know, just to get a little head start on rebuilding his billions. 

— Ted Alvarez

Adventurer Steve Fossett ‘may have faked his own death'(Telegraph) Via the Adventurist