Dad & Son Attempt 55 14ers in Two Weeks

So Close, Yet So Far

Father-and-son team Del and Caleb Van Essen set out for a lofty goal on Aug 2: They hoped to summit all of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks within two weeks. While a surprise August snowstorm took a dump on their plans, they still managed to log an impressive 45 peaks in that time period.

But instead of just calling it quits, they're sticking it out: Day 16 saw them climbing Front Range monarchs Longs, Evans, and Bierstadt despite a healthy late-summer snowfall and harsh weather conditions. They've got about 8 mountains left. While they've fallen behind, they're likely on track to clear all 14ers in a three-week span.

That's still pretty badass, if you ask us.

To get an idea of how tough just one 14er can be, witness this video of BACKPACKER staff members attempting to bag Longs Peak.

— Ted Alvarez