Cougar Attack in Amish Country?

Officials investigate possible PA mountain lion encounter

It seems like the cougar faction is taking my advice—if you want to compete with the omnipresence of bears, you're going to have to make some seriously bold media appearances. But they might've taken it too far this time: An Amish man in Sadsbury Township, Pennsylvania was attacked yesterday by what may have been a mountain lion, far away from its home range.

After spotting what neighbors said was a mountain lion in his field around 5:30 p.m., Fisher retrieved his rifle and fired a shot, wounding the animal, which then fled into the woods, one neighbor said. 

When Fisher entered the woods to search for the wounded animal, he told the neighbor a mountain lion jumped out of a tree and onto his back.

"He said it felt like 150 pounds hit him," said the neighbor, who did not want to be identified. Fisher told the neighbor he turned around and the animal began clawing at his chest and arms. He retrieved a knife from his pocket and stabbed the large cat, which then ran away, the neighbor said.

The man was treated at a hospital for superficial scratches to the arms, leg, and face. While the man and his neighbors were certain the offending animal was a mountain lion, state police and game commission officials haven't been able to find any evidence. Their search resumes today.

Though recent sightings of cougars had been on the rise in this area of rural Pennsylvania, critics point out that bobcats, coyotes, wild dogs, and even large house cats are often mistaken for mountain lions.

Look, mountain lions—I understand you're desperate to get your piece of the spotlight, but think twice before you attack Amish farmers, okay? They're better armed than you are.

—Ted Alvarez

Sadsbury neighbors say man attacked by mountain lion (Lancaster Online)

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