Cool Video: Arctic Surfing

First Ascent sends surfers to conquer waves at the frozen ends of the Earth--literally

Admittedly, surfing usually falls outside the purview of BACKPACKER—but one would also think it's beyond the range of Whittaker Mountaineering as well. Apparently not: First Ascent (the new Eddie Bauer/Whittaker Mountaineering brand dedicated to expedition mountaineering) expanded beyond mountains to sponsor five surfers who hope to nab untouched big waves beyond the Arctic Circle.

Luckily, they've documented their frozen ocean journey to the icy beaches of Norway, Russia, and beyond in a beautifully-shot film—call it Endless Winter. Check out Part 1:

Awesome. Makes me wish Hollywood would knuckle up and make Point Break 2: Chilled Out. What the heck is Keanu Reeves up to these days, anyway?

—Ted Alvarez

Arctic Surf Documentary (First Ascent)

via The Adventure Blog