Colorado: The Fittest State

Rocky Mountain State remains least obese in a rapidly swelling country

We've got to face an ugly fact, America: We're fat as hell, and we're only getting fatter. According to the CDC, obesity rates rose in 23 states and didn't decline in any of them. Alabama, Tennessee, and West Virginia join Fattest State Mississippi as states with adult obesity rates above 30 percent.

Only Rocky Mountain State residents get any good news: For the third year in a row, Colorado remains the fittest state. It's also the only state with obesity rates under 20 percent; right now, it's at about 18.9 percent— an increase of .4 percent, but not bad, given the underperforming field. Runner-up Connecticut clocks in with an obesity rate of about 21.2 percent.

The results aren't surprising, of course. Colorado's abundance of outdoor activities and generally awesome weather create perfect opportunities for healthy living—and even if you're not really into it, your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and relatives are bound to shame you into working on your inner athlete.

There's a reason why so many Colorado cities made the list for Best Places To Raise An Outdoor Kid. If you've got ideas to improve your state's standing on the national fat list, share 'em in the comments section below.

UPDATE: The CDC just released updated stats for 2008. Colorado still leads, and the obesity rate dropped back down to 18.5 percent. Second place goes to Massachusetts with 20.9 percent. Also, Oklahoma joined the states with obesity rates over 30 percent. Sorry, Okies.

—Ted Alvarez

U.S. Obesity Trends (CDC)

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