Climbers Rescued on Mt. Logan After Surviving in Snow Cave

The group was stranded at high altitude amidst 100 mph winds.

Three climbers were rescued last week after surviving for several days in snowbound conditions on Canada’s 19,550-foot Mt. Logan in Kluane National Park.

The men had successfully summited Canada’s highest peak on June 2, but their descent was hampered by 100-mph winds.

Bryce Brown, one of the climbers, told CBC News that the wind was so severe that the three were restricted to making forward progress by crawling at one point.

The climbers created a snow cave in a crevasse only 600 feet below the summit and remained trapped inside for three days before they were able to make any more progress down the mountain.

The group eventually descended to their camp at 17,388 feet and retrieved a satellite phone to call for help. They were rescued two days later by a specialized high-altitude helicopter.

All three climbers suffered frostbite and altitude sickness, but are expected to make a full recovery.

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