Cat Mayor in Alaska Survives Assassination Attempt by Dog

Stubbs the cat, mayor of Talkeetna, AK, survives a vicious coup—but the canine perpetrator remains at large.

Talkeetna, AK, — “The Little Drinking Town with a Climbing Problem,” according to the bumper sticker — has a rep for being quirkier than Zooey Deschanel’s Etsy cart. In 1997, the 876-person hamlet doubled down on its image by ditching all of its unpopular bipedal candidates and writing in Stubbs, a mellow and tailless orange cat, as mayor. Stubbs’s honorary reign has been largely quiet: He answers letters, draws 30 or so tourists to the Denali NP gateway town each day, and downs catnip-laden water out of a wine glass every evening (pretty tame as far as politician vices go).

But apparently not every constituent is psyched about Stubbs. On September 3, an unidentified dog viciously attacked Hizzoner, sending him to a veterinary hospital with life-threatening injuries. From HuffPo:

Owner Lauri Stec tells KTUU that Stubbs suffered a fractured sternum and a punctured lung, and already has undergone three hours of surgery. Stec is planning to file a police report. She says the would-be assassin "needs to go away."

Stubbs is expected to survive, but the perpetrator of this attack (and all future canine coups) should probably think twice about trying to remove Stubbs from power. His Cheney-esque owner sounds terrifying.

Source: HuffPo