Cascades Hikers Stranded On 18-inch Ledge

Bad weather holds back rescue teams

As cliffhangers go, it sounds like a tough one: Two hikers in North Cascades National Park are stranded on an 18-inch ledge 6,000 feet up a mountain. To make matters even more harrowing, rescuers can't reach them because of unseasonably cold and rainy weather.

A 33-year-old man and his 27-year-old girlfriend called for rescue last night after they lost their gear near Dana Glacier in North Cascades and found themselves stranded on the ledge along the Ptarmigan Traverse hiking route, unable to climb safely back up or down. So far the two are tired and cold, but have no injuries. But rescue crews are anxious to reach the pair, who have been exposed to harsh weather for over 12 hours.

"Time is critical due to the cold, rainy weather and the approximate 6,000 foot elevation," said (said Will Reichardt of the Skagit County Sheriff's Office) in a news release Thursday morning.

If weather clears, helicopters will make another rescue attempt today. The couple's family in Massachusetts has been notified.

Good luck, guys.

— Ted Alvarez

Hikers Stranded On 18-Inch Ledge On Mountain