Camp Canine Couture

Bamboo, biodegradable, and Houndstooth: This perplexing dog tent is practically useless for the backcountry, but it’s stylish (sort of)

Our four-legged friends always seem up for an adventure on the trail. By the umpteenth switchback, they’re usually even more willing and energetic than we are.

But after a long day of exploring, finding and setting up camp, has the idea of Fido’s own portable shelter ever been much of a concern? Most dogs are more than willing to hop in the tent cuddle up at the feet of their master, and a little extra body heat is always welcome on chilly nights.

But the Houndstooth Dogtent, created by New York design studio Common Space, proves there’s an accessory for every activity. Spawned by the recent wave of“doggie couture,” this modular, plastic (!), collapsible, A-frame tent was designed for use on a camping trip with apparel brand Freeman’s Sporting Club.

The tent features 7 bamboo poles and a shell made of biodegradable plastic strips in classic Houndstooth colors (white and black) that, when rolled out, fit together with each other to form a tied-off sheet hung over the A-frame.

Biodegradable plastic, eh? Bringing nothing for your dog to sleep in and letting him join you is more biodegradable than that.

Freeman’s Sporting Club, a clothing company that grew out of a “gathering of close friends [having], regular trips to camp, shoot, fish, and enjoy time in nature,” asked people to create “primitive luxury goods” that would take the “rough out of roughing it,” for their annual design/build camping trip.

One of the results was this inefficient doggy A-frame that, from these photos, (scroll down the page) looks pretty annoying to assemble. The entire tent comes rolled in a yellow bag the size of a Hillary-era Everest expedition tent. Take it from us—this thing is huge.

Unless your idea of “roughing it” is pulling up in your Land Rover and popping the trunk to bring more goofiness into nature, just let Fido hop in the tent with you, already.

--Matt Draper