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Biking To Colorado's 14ers For A Cause


For several climbers nationwide, topping out on all of Colorado's 54 14,000 peaks remains a biggie on the life list — but can you imagine biking to every single one of them? Continuously?! Andrew Henrichs, a high-school athletic trainer from Carbondale, CO, hopes to pull off this mighty feat in 52 days, starting in early June. He's hoping to raise awareness and $12,000 for World Bicycle Relief’s Project Zambia, which provides bicycles to "volunteer caregivers, disease prevention educators, and vulnerable households" in the HIV/AIDS-stricken country. From Henrichs's site:

"I intend to summit all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks without any vehicle support. I will ride my Xtracycle-equipped mountain bike to the trailhead of each peak and summit on foot. This completely human-powered journey will entail biking over 1,400 miles and hiking over 350 miles. (...)

Each bike provided by World Bicycle Relief costs only $109. My initial goal is to raise enough money to buy two bikes for all 54 14,000-foot peak in Colorado, a total of $11,772. (...)

Your generosity and goodwill will be my motivation when pedaling up the long, steep, rocky Colorado backroads. "

Generosity, goodwill, and a whole lot of Gus, I hope. Godspeed, Andy — we'll certainly be watching your noble crusade closely this summer, feeling the burn from the relative comfort of our comparatively weak day rides. — Ted Alvarez

World Bicycle Relief — Andrew Henrichs

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