Bigfoot: Still Moving

Climate change could push Bigfoot to the Rockies

Good news, Rocky Mountain cryptozoologists: Sasquatch might be moving to your hood. We've already reported on how climate change could push giant North American ape populations into Canada, but new research suggests altered weather patterns and other side effects from global warming could also push Bigfoot into the Rockies.

Researchers from the University of Illinois published their results to point out the flaws in ecological modeling tied to climate change, not to actually predict the shift in bigfoot populations. This is a good thing, since he probably doesn't exist.

Oops! Sorry, cryptozoologists—I know that's a little bit like telling a child the truth about Santa. Of course, if you've got evidence proving otherwise (that isn't made of rubber), let us know.

—Ted Alvarez

Bigfoot study highlights habitat modeling flaws (Nature)

via The Goat

Image Credit: Wayne Parrack