Best of OR: The Rest of the Fest

Our spies return with stories and a celebrity encounter or two at Outdoor Retailer

In between trying out the best new winter gear, fielding pitches from every gear flack on the planet, and crushing a pint or two, Team BACKPACKER found ways to sit back, relax, and embarrass themselves in front of a climbing celebrity or two. Find out who ahead:

Most Ridiculous Product

Senior Editor Shannon Davis: "Moon boots. WTF? Am I 8 years old again?"

Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter: "A new $275 glove from Arc'teryx. The price is staggeringly insane, but so is the glove. I want a pair, bad."

Favorite OR Activity

SD: "The industry party hockey tournament. Plus, seeing old friends."

KH: "Ping pong. NOT beer pong, which is for lushes, but real ping pong at the Gramicci booth.

OR's Economic Mood

SD: "Winter is always low-key, and this year is totally that."

KH: "Always positive and fun."

Celebrity Sighting

SD: "Beth Rodden, Steph Davis, Dean Potter, Scott Jurek...Jon Dorn?"

KH: "None, dammit. I'm never at the right place/right time. Why doesn't Bear Grylls come to our trade show?"

Embarrassing Moment

KH: "I always forget people's names and have to shamelessly look at their badges."

SD: "I didn't realize that i was talking to the all-important Steph Davis (climber chick).I asked her "so, what do you do," the OR equivalent of "so, what's your major?" She says: I'm an athlete." And then the exchange goes something like this:

Me: What kind?

Her: I'm an athlete for Prana and 5.10.

Me: So yoga is an athletic thing?

Her: [silence , sideways glancing]

Me: So, where's your favorite place to climb?

Her: Moab.

Me: Why?

Her: Well, I've lived there for 15 years so i know it really well.

Me: [Begins to realize that this is one of the best climbers in America, thinks about how he hasn't eaten anything since 10 the night before...I'm bonking. I might fall over.]

Her: [shifting nervously, like get me away from this guy]

Me: cool, bye."