Beardos: Give Us Your Beards

It's getting cold—show us your best backcountry beards

A while ago, I asked everyone out there on the BACKPACKER Internets to give us your best backcountry beards—if only to console someone like me, who can only conjure a few whisps of winter wool. But it’s getting colder now, which means some of you have to have gone Grizzly Adams on us. (Even BACKPACKER’s fearless Captain Dorn seems to be sprouting some face fuzz).

Witness BACKPACKER reader Donald Voigt, a Penn State geoscientist who grew a righteous beard on the East Antarctic Plateau, and then went one better by letting it freeze with rime ice. The man is grizzled, I tells ya—grizzle incarnate.

But are you just going to let him waltz away with the Daily Dirt award? I understand it’s tough to challenge Mr. Voigt’s beard-nificence, but we’re asking the true men (and, um, women?) among you to try. Winners will of course appear in The Daily Dirt, which guarantees instant attention from the opposite sex around a smoldering backcountry campfire. Promise.

—Ted Alvarez