Bear Scared By Country Music

Colorado wildlife officials shoo a napping black bear out from under a hospital with blaring music--country music, obviously.

Bears: All that fur, teeth, and claws, and all it takes to scare one away is a little blaring country music. Colorado Division of Wildlife specialists chose to use this method to spook a bear who'd taken up residence beneath housing on Boulder Community Hospital property. 

They discovered the bear when a plumber checking pipes underneath the residence heard a growl and shined his light on a waking bruin.

State wildlife officials discussed several options and decided to scare the bear away by tucking a loud radio in the hole with the bear, hospital spokesperson Rich Sheehan said. They played country western music, he said.

 "They wanted to try to make it really noisy so that the bear would leave," Sheehan said.

It worked, and Sheehan said the hospital has taken steps to make sure the unwanted tenant doesn't return. Hospital officials believe the bear got into its burrow because a cover over the crawl space didn't fit quite right.

Wildlife officials report the bear was in excellent health, and they expect it should be able to find a suitable new bedroom in the nearby foothills.

To be fair, I probably would've taken off if I woke up to Taylor Swift or Gretchen Wilson braying/twanging their way into my den. But I'd be back for revenge with a boombox playing Slayer.

—Ted Alvarez

via Colorado Daily