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Accidental bear spray discharge closes Juneau airport
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Haters who doubt the potency of bear spray should step off: If it's strong enough to shut down an airport, surely it can handle a widdle ol' grizzly bear. Security officials shut down Juneau International Airport on Friday after a can of bear spray accidentally discharged and spread through the building's ventilation system.

Fire Chief Eric Mohrman says the spray spread through the building via the ventilation system. The terminal had to be cleared and the building aired out. One person was taken to a hospital for evaluation. 

The airport reopened after about an hour and a half.

Yikes. I can't imagine being there would've been a pleasant experience—bear spray is up to 3 times stronger than pepper spray. But hearing the calm voice over the intercom succumb to the fumes after urging everyone to evacuate might be pretty righteous.

— Ted Alvarez

Anti-bear spray discharge closes Alaska airport (AP)