Cool, the Bears in Colorado Are Stealing Cars Now

Bruin shifts car into neutral, crashes it.
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Every bear-savvy hiker knows that our big, furry neighbors are crafty—more than crafty enough to pull open a car door in search of the snacks hidden within. But in Colorado, one bear took their ursine crimes a step further this week by stealing, and crashing, a Subaru Outback.

In a Facebook post, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office said that a bear opened the car's unlocked driver-side door, which then closed itself behind its new occupant. While attempting to find its way out, the bear apparently shifted the car into neutral, sending it rolling 100 feet down a hill and into a tree. The impact popped open a door, and the car thief fled without even leaving their insurance information.

As always, keep your doors locked and windows closed in bear country, and practice safe food and trash storage.