Bear Cub Strolls Through New Jersey McDonald's


Instead of waiting for us to bring junk food to the backcountry, crafty bears are heading straight for the source: Three drivers called 911 to report a black bear cub wandering through the drive-thru lane of a South Brunswick, New Jersey McDonald's. 

The young bruin was spotted shortly before 9 a.m. at the restaurant on Route 1, near Sand Hills Road, Sgt. James Stoddard said. At least three people called 911, police said. 

Authorities suspect the cub was also spotted Tuesday on Route 27, near Beekman Road, before wandering into the forest, Stoddard said.

Black bears are notoriously sly geniuses at getting our food, but you have to give this bear credit for advancing his species by avoiding bear canisters, bear bags, and trash cans altogether. No word yet on whether he supersized his Big Mac or went with a Happy Meal.

— Ted Alvarez

Bear cub wanders through McDonald's in South Brunswick (