Bad Economy Equals Faster Runners

Job losses translate to better athletic performance among American marathoners

Plenty of Americans have weathered crippling job losses, but not all of them are taking it lying down. In fact, if they're into outdoor fitness, they're running away from the problem, and they're getting faster: Marathon times are up across every age group, and researchers think it's because laid-off runners are concentrating on training rather than rustling up a job.

Some evidence seems to point that Olympic-level competition could rise, as elite college athletes graduate and decide to chase athletic dreams rather than employment.

Marathon registration is up 5.1 percent, and the New York City marathon filled up with participants in 22 minutes this year, as opposed to 8 hours last year.

If the economy stays horrible, some experts think our whole outlook as a nation could shift to prioritizing athletic and recreational pursuits, especially outside. 

Anybody out there get laid off? Have you spent more time running, hiking, or recreating outdoors? Let us know about your "funemployment" in the comments section below.

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