Backpacking Brooklyn

Two men set out to find wilderness amidst metropolis

Anyone who's lived in New York City knows that the concrete canyons and nonstop humanity can get a little oppressive. The parks are nice, but when you truly want to get away, it can be a chore to get anyplace wild: Planes, trains, automobiles, and a truckload of cash are likely to be involved before you can ever think about doing anything remotely resembling backpacking.

None of that deterred these two guys. They simply grabbed a tent, threw on their packs full of outdoor gear, and set out across the Brooklyn shoreline in search of a little wilderness. Check out what they found:

The Door To RedHook : Backpacking in Brooklyn from anfw on Vimeo.

Toxic waste sites aside, I'd say it wasn't a bad camping trip. I've certainly had worse...

—Ted Alvarez

Backpacking in Brooklyn