Backpacker Photo School: How to edit your photos

Shooting photos out on the trail is only step one. Step two is at your computer. Maximize the impact of your photos by making a few easy adjustments.

You took a beautiful photo of a beautiful place, but something isn't quite right. You may need to tweak the white balance if there's an orange or blue tint to the image. If the colors aren't popping, try adjusting the contrast or saturation sliders. If there are some ugly branches cluttering the side of the image, learn how to crop or clone them out.

Making these adjustments isn't difficult and taking the time for post production will improve your photos. Get started by watching this slideshow and then choosing which photo software you'd like to use to develop your photos. The office favorite, and the professionals' choice, is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Read more tips from pro-photographers here.

—Genny Fullerton