Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter shows you where and how to camp for fall

Just because the leaves are turning and the nights are getting cold doesn’t mean you have to quit camping. Don’t believe us? Well, we don’t usually say this, but turn on your TV: Tomorrow morning, BACKPACKER Gear Editor Kristin Hostetter will show you everything you need to know kick off your perfect fall backpacking trip.

Ditch the Saturday morning cartoons and flip the boob tube to CBS’ Early Show at 8 a.m. to catch Hostetter, our very own Gear Chick, dishing on the latest gear, techniques, and places to get outside this autumn with a few extra-chipper hosts.

If you need any extra incentive to watch, I’d like to inform you that Kristin Hostetter ranks very high on our Reader’s Choice list of people they’d like to share a tent with. Find out why tomorrow morning. Raowr!

—Ted Alvarez