B.L.M. Goes To Burning Man

The federal agency isn't nearly as square as we thought.

Who says bureaucrats aren't any fun?

Last year, 68,000 people shelled out $380 bucks each to attend Burning Man, a weeklong hoedown in the Nevada desert celebrating alternative art and culture, where absolutely no illegal substances are consumed whatsoever (I'm pretty sure). But you may not know that everyone's favorite weirdopalooza takes place on public land, in the Bureau of Land Management's Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area. It remains the biggest and most complex permit the department tackles each year. Leave No Trace operations alone dwarf any single event elsewhere in the public lands system; I mean, can you imagine cleaning up after both the SpamMobile and the fire-breathing Sparkle Pony? While naked?

To give you an insight into what the BLM handles each year, it produced this slick new vid, complete with rangers in event-appropriate costumes straight out of The Road Warrior. Watch:

Major props to those guys and gals for being so cool about this whole thing. See, all you Nevada-bound free spirits? Maybe "The Man" isn't so bad after all.

(via YouTube)