Aron Ralston arrested, charges later dropped

The '127 Hours' hiker was jailed on a domestic assault charge that was later dropped.

UPDATE: 2:42 PM: The Postreports that the Denver city attorney has dismissed all charges against Aron Ralston. Vita Shannon, Ralston’s girlfriend, will appear in court again on Friday facing 3 charges including disturbance of the peace.

The Denver Postreports that Aron Ralston, the hiker who cut off his own forearm in order to free himself from a Utah canyoneering accident in 2003, was arrested Saturday night on one count of assault and one count of wrongs toward a minor.

The incident allegedly stemmed from a domestic dispute between Ralston, 38, and his girlfriend Vita Shannon, who was also taken into custody. Ralston’s father Larry told the Post that he’s confident his son has done nothing wrong and attributed the dust-up to “two people trying to work out a difficult relationship.”

Ralston is set to appear in a Denver county court today.

We’ll update this space with more developments as they become available.

(via The Denver Post)