And They're Off - Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge

Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Dorn & team is competing in a five-day adventure race in Abu Dhabi. Just for fun.

So far today, December 10 - Abu Dhabi time, EIC Jon Dorn and team (the Yankee Scribes - one of three U.S. teams) have paddled inflatable kayaks, enjoyed a beautiful desert evening, faced mechanical issues on the bike, and encouraged a teammate to repel despite quad cramps. It's all part of Day 1 of the five-day Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge, a brutal adventure race through harsh conditions. [UPDATE: Jon and co are on their last leg, a kayak loop. Stay tuned for final results!]

Already, Jon's updates via his Spot (which is mapping his location for us as well) have flooded our Facebook page and will continue to for the duration of the race.

You can follow Jon's updates here:

And follow his team's progress here: