And Now, an Insane Music Video About Knot Tying

What does the knot say?

If you woke up this morning wondering what Norwegian comedic duo Ylvis has been up to ever since getting What Does the Fox Say? stuck in your head last fall, wonder no longer: they've been learning how to tie the trucker's hitch.

Now, that may knot (sorry) sound like a natural topic for a insanely catchy pump-up jam, but any backpacker who has fumbled with a hopelessly jumbled length of paracord will surely relate to the plight of Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker. You see, despite successfully learning several other types of knots from some sort of Merlin-esque book, the brothers struggle mightily to unlock the devilish secret of the trucker's hitch. This causes at least one minor sailboat accident and plenty of existential angst, both in the forest and on top of a fire tower.

At long last, everything culminates in what may be the world's first-ever choreographed dance about knot tying, complete with an EDM backbeat and lens flare. Anyway, it really does need to be seen to be believed:

That cleared up all of your confusion, right? No? Well, not to worry: You can learn the trucker's hitch and 9 other incredibly useful backpacking knots here.