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Anasazi Hiking: Report from Cedar Mesa

On photography, sandstorms and power walking

Well, our scout trip to photograph Anasazi sites in Cedar Mesa worked out pretty well. Jennifer (my wife) and I hit the ground running, and had three fun, busy days ferreting out ruin and rock art sites in the canyons between Bluff and Blanding in southeastern Utah. Lots of sleeping under the stars, power day hikes, and sunning in warm alcoves. Now my office seems strange and unwelcoming. Looks like I’ve gone feral again.

Theme-wise, the weekend was about orienteering, speed hiking, and weather readiness. Lots of short, fast climbs up slickrock ramps, and poking around numerous dead-ends, with weather conditions swinging wildly from calm and sunny, to frigid snow squalls and sandstorms.

Camera survival, the subject of my last post, proved problematic thanks to all the blowing sand. In fact, anytime I wasn’t shooting, my cameras were zipped up tight, or locked in the car. Even so, I’ve got to clean them sometime today, before humidity welds the dust spots to inconvenient places.

Complex electronics and the outdoors will probably never mix comfortably. But when they do, cameras and natural scenery can combine for some truly fun images. So, to share the adventure (and try out our photo-blogging software) I’m posting some of the better pics. Enjoy. – Steve Howe