'127 Hours' Trailer Debuts

Danny Boyle's adaptation of Aron Ralston story shows glimpses of beautiful deserts, high adventure, and that famous rock
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Danny Boyle's adaptation of the Aron Ralston story, 127 Hours, debuted at OR, and now it's finally hit the Internets. In it, we see pretty much what you might expect: James Franco as Ralston charming his way through beautiful red sandstone country, showcasing reckless outdoor abandon, and then that whole thing with the boulder.

There are a couple of surprises, though: I can't recall Ralston's busy rave career, and I sure as heck don't remember him going into Blue John Canyon with two cute girls. (Maybe that's wishful retroactive thinking on Ralston's part). Check it out:

There you have it—the long-awaited Aron Ralston story hits the big screen. What do you think? Oscar-worthy? Or laughable? I can see evidence for both.

—Ted Alvarez

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