'127 Hours' Trailer Debuts

Danny Boyle's adaptation of Aron Ralston story shows glimpses of beautiful deserts, high adventure, and that famous rock

Danny Boyle's adaptation of the Aron Ralston story, 127 Hours, debuted at OR, and now it's finally hit the Internets. In it, we see pretty much what you might expect: James Franco as Ralston charming his way through beautiful red sandstone country, showcasing reckless outdoor abandon, and then that whole thing with the boulder.

There are a couple of surprises, though: I can't recall Ralston's busy rave career, and I sure as heck don't remember him going into Blue John Canyon with two cute girls. (Maybe that's wishful retroactive thinking on Ralston's part). Check it out:

There you have it—the long-awaited Aron Ralston story hits the big screen. What do you think? Oscar-worthy? Or laughable? I can see evidence for both.

—Ted Alvarez