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What We’re Testing Now: Geyser System

Get a shower wherever you are.

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We’ve all been there: Returning to the car after a multiday hike, smelling too ripe for polite society and faced with a long ride home. “I usually make due with a quick soak in the nearest creek or clean up in a gas station sink, but after a three-day backcountry trip in Yellowstone neither of those options seemed pleasant,” our Gear Editor says. “That’s why I was so pleased with the Geyser System, which allowed me to take a quick car-side shower—complete with warm water—before the 10-hour drive back.” While it’s too large to take into the backcountry, the unit is the perfect size for car camping, and is easy to operate: One switch controls the internal water heater and pump action (it plugs into your car’s 12V power outlet), while a valve on the hose regulates water flow through the included sponge attachment. In the coming weeks we’re sending the Geyser System out for the ultimate test: a weeklong family roadtrip with two young children. If it can successfully clean up the messes that result from that, then we’ll really be impressed.