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Meet a More Comfortable Way To Sleep Outside

Sierra Designs zipperless sleeping bags … We have backpacking, ultralight, and even car camping options to fit the needs of every camper.

Bringing your bed to the backcountry is a little impractical, so we’ve created packable options by designing the most comfortable lightweight bags on the market. See what the hype is all about.

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Integrated Comforter 

The Cloud, Backcountry and Frontcountry all feature a full-sized integrated comforter, to bring bed like comfort to the backcountry. Removing the zipper from a sleeping bag poses the challenge “How do you keep heat in?” The answer, make a quilt that overlaps with the sides of the bag, and can be tucked in. Now you’re comfortable AND warm, the two can certainly coexist.

Self Sealing Foot Vent 

Insulated hand and shoulder pockets that are built into the quilt allow you to seal everything up, even when laying on your stomach or side. By putting your hands into the pockets and pulling the quilt over you, or curling up into the shoulder pocket, you’re able to tuck the quilt in like a blanket and transform your sleeping bag into a bed like experience.

Stomach and Side Sleeper Friendly 

When you replace a zipper with an integrated quilt, you add a bit of wiggle room inside a sleeping bag. Because of this, side and stomach sleepers will find our bags to be incredibly comfortable, and allow you to sleep in alternate positions without feeling restricted.Members save 25% on Sierra Designs gear

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