Backyard Skills Challenge: Show Us Your Skills

Anyone else feeling a little rusty? Brush up and win big with these virtual outdoor challenges. Fire up your camp stoves, we’re bringing backcountry skills right to your home.
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In this four-week challenge series, we’re going to put your knowledge to the test. Each Tuesday in the Basecamp members-only newsletter, we’ll announce assignment details, and participants will have until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT to submit a qualifying video via the form below.

Submissions will be judged for both technique and style. Even if you didn't submit for a prior challenge, you can still win the overall.On May 26, we'll announce a winner and award them a Ceramic Nonstick 2-Pot Set from MSR.

Week 1: Fast Outta Camp

Let’s see how fast you can pack up.

Basecamper Robin Mino works the ultralight gear.

Winner: Robin Mino

With a bag-to-boots time of 4:02, Robin Mino is this week's skills challenge winner. Our judges loved her realism and attention to detail and note that the closed-foam Therm-a-rest Z-Lite Sol probably shaved at least a minute off her time. Congrats, Robin!

Week 2: Tie the Knot

Knots are easy. This challenge isn’t. Dip your hands in ice water for 20 seconds then tie a bowline.

Basecamper Carey Butler shows off his magic (cold) fingers.

Winner: Carey Butler

Damn, Carey. With 4.1 seconds to tie the knot, you dusted the competition. We haven't seen a knot come together so fast since that scene from Moana.

Week 3: Shelter in Place

Time for some backyard bushcraft! (No yard, no problem.) Let’s see your best improvised shelter. Use items you can scavenge around your house to make a comfy place to stay.

Basecamper Carey Butler is king of the backyard shelter.

Winner: Carey Butler

Carey origamied up a tarp for a do-it-all shelter including nightstand, pillow, and jacket hook. Not bad for a rectangle of nylon and some rope. Well done, Carey!

Week 4: Dinner al Fresco

The grand finale. Bust out your WhisperLite, let’s see what you got. In this final challenge, we want to see you make your best camping dish.

Basecamper Robin Mino shows us how cooking gets done.

Winner: Robin Mino

Robin has this thing figured out. She dehydrates her meals ahead of time to enjoy exactly what she wants on the trail with little on-trail prep work and very little cleanup. (Plus she made our judges very jealous with her Bears Ears trip.)

Overall Winner: Robin Mino

Robin got out of camp super fast, tied a bowline with admirable speed, and laid our her cooking system for us, making her the champ of our Backyard Skills Challenge and winner of the

MSR Ceramic Nonstick 2-Pot Set

. Thanks to everyone who joined in!