Zamberlan USA 636 Baffin GT RR - Backpacker

Zamberlan USA 636 Baffin GT RR

Bedroom-slipper light and instantly comfortable
636 Baffin GT RR


Membrane Gore-Tex
Men's Sizes Start 8


Men's Sizes End 14
Men's Weight 3 lbs, 8 oz


Take Montrail’s running-shoe DNA and give it up-armored construction, and you get this go-fast hybrid. “It’s bedroom-slipper light and instantly comfortable, thanks to the great-fitting meshy upper, with good cushion, ankle stability, and underfoot support,” says a NOLS instructor who wore it on a two-week trip in Montana’s Absarokas, while carrying a 30-pound pack over long miles, steep terrain, snowfields, and talus. The sole’s toothy, in-cut lugs give it plenty of traction on packed dirt trails.

Webbing lace guides are easy to tighten without pressure points. Testers praised the midsole’s springy-yet-protective layers of EVA and TPU*, and they loved the built-in debris protection. “The midcut neoprene collar is soft and snug,” reports a tester, “and, combined with the gusseted tongue, kept out all detritus.” But beware of wet rock, she warns. “I slipped on steep, slick slabs.”

Bonus: A progressively harder midsole from heel to pinky toe supports the outer edge of the foot to prevent ankle roll. Fit runs wide. $135; 1 lb. 12 oz.; m’s 7-15, w’s 5-11The Zamberlan 636 Baffin GT RR features the exclusive Foot Wrapping System to firmly hold the foot and allow a precise fit with the single leather upper construction. The Gore-Tex liner provides utmost protection and breathability, while the Microtex wicking nylon collar helps control excess moisture. The Zamberlan Rubber Reinforcement System enhances protection to the upper and toes. The exclusive and amazingly comfortable Zamberlan Vibram 3D sole offers great grip, exceptional cushioning, solid support (TPU stabilizer) wear resistance (PU construction) and a wonderful rocker for better climbing. Back stabilizer offers correct support and helps keeping foot well aligned.