Weatherproof Your Electronics

Rain, snow, cold, hard knocks–the backcountry can be tough on trail gadgets. You can either upgrade your devices, or learn how to protect them.


  • For prolonged rain (and bashing), nothing beats a hard plastic case. We rely on Pelican's models for our phones, GPS units, iPods, and small cameras (
  • Shield your camera while shooting with an Ewa-Marine C-35 Rain Cape ($20; Or try a DIY fix.
  • Protect spare lenses in padded bottle insulators, such as Outdoor Research's Water Bottle Parka ($20;


  • Put photo gear in a zip-top bag before leaving your house or tent–drops will condense on the bag, not your lens, until temps equalize. Don't blow on lenses or viewfinders; your breath will create more fog.
  • Keep desiccant packs in equipment cases to absorb moisture, or try Pelican's reusable 1500D desiccant gel ($13).


  • Swap alkaline batteries for lithium cells, which last up to eight times longer and work down to -40°F.
  • Warm batteries and devices function better, so carry them in an inner pocket, or wrap chemical handwarmers around them with a rubber band. At night, put them in your sleeping bag.