Vargo Titanium Funnel Flask

This 100% titanium flask is extremely light and strong, and won't affect the flavor of your booze.
Titanium Funnel Flask
Price $75.00


Weight 4 oz


Why pay this much for a booze container? If you’re drinking Popov, you probably shouldn’t. But top-shelf liquor deserves a top-shelf vessel, and the Funnel Flask is as a swank as it gets. The 100 percent pure titanium body and lid are nonreactive—meaning they won’t make your whiskey taste like metal. And they’re extremely light and strong. An integrated silicone funnel helps simplify the filling process, but the mouth is narrow, so you’ll still have to pour slowly. The only problem: Those 8 fluid ounces disappear fast. „$75; 3.7 oz.