uvex snowstrike VT

Changing light? This innovative lens adapts.
snowstrike VT
Price $499.00


Weight 4 oz


It’s like magic: An LCD lens morphs from clear to blue (versatile, best for balanced light on neutral days) to red (improves vision on snowy, overcast days by enhancing contrast) to violet (best for the brightest days). How it works: Two lenses sandwich a layer of liquid crystals, which change the tint. A built-in sensor reads ambient light and adjusts lens tint accordingly–or you can control it with the press of a temple button. “It was such a luxury to be able to toggle back and forth on a day with constantly evolving light conditions,” says a tester who used them on a four-day tour in British Columbia. “I always had the perfect lens at my fingertips (literally).” A small battery pack (about the size of a AA) attaches to the goggle strap and houses a rechargeable battery (via USB), which lasts up to two full days if you’re prudent (tip: turn them off at breaks). Ding: Some testers wanted a darker tint for the brightest days. And then there’s the price.

Comfort is tops thanks to thick face foam.

$499; 4.1 oz.; uvex-sports.com/de-en