UST FlashBlade Recharge 3.0

Best budget multitool
FlashBlade Recharge 3.0
Price $40.00


Weight 5 oz


Our take When things go wrong in the middle of the night, fixing them in the dark is a challenge. But with a bright, rechargeable LED positioned alongside this UST tool’s blade, it’s much easier to guide your cuts. The battery in the Recharge lasts around two hours, and juices up via the included USB cable in an hour. To keep weight and size down, the pliers are on the smaller side, as are the driver bits, sized for lightweight trail items. Tip: There’s no cover for the USB port, so put tape over it to keep dirt out.

Trail cred “The serrated portion of the blade easily cuts through rope, and the straight section is perfect for whittling a fire-starter fuzz stick,” says a tester.