Tubbs Panoramic

Powder is no match for these beginner-friendly snowshoes.
Price $250.00


Weight 4 lbs, 6 oz


Flotation Two feet of powder felt like a mere dusting with these Tubbs Panoramic ’shoes. Credit the 8.3-inch-wide aluminum frame and the large opening (5 by 4 inches) in the decking that allows snow to escape, so we didn’t have to carry around the extra weight. Flip side: They’re a bit clunky on hardpack.

Durability The Panoramics withstood more than 100 miles and multiple days of snowy trail maintenance on Canada’s Prince Edward Island. Our tester praised the sturdy frame and the tough plastic decking after losing the trail: “I spent all morning traipsing through a mess of alders and downed branches, and the shoes barely show any signs of wear,” she says.

Binding A glove-friendly Boa closure secures the foot harness (and makes on-the-fly adjustments a cinch), while a rubber strap locks in the heel. m’s: 25”, 30”, and 36”; w’s: 21”, 25”, and 30”