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Trimble Outdoors Timble Outdoors

This top-shelf GPS can pinch hit as a digital camera.


Make a better mousetrap. That's what Garmin did when they combined their award-winning Oregon 400t (Editors' Choice Award, April 2009) with a 3.2-megapixel camera, creating a top-shelf GPS that can pinch-hit as a point-and-shoot. As a result, our map contributors came back with more trail photos than usual, all geo-referenced to their exact location. And the whole thing is a cinch to use, thanks to a three-inch color touch screen and universal icons that even a non-GPS user can understand.

You can access preloaded terrain maps in 3D, save up to 200 tracks and 2,000 waypoints, and use the microSD slot to expand the unit's 850MB memory. Camera caveat: The 4x digital zoom and autofocus lens are best suited to landscape (not action) photos, and the image quality is best for blogs (not wall art). Bonus: The price includes a battery charger and two rechargeable AAs (expect 10-12 hours of runtime). $600; 5.3 oz.;

With the Trimble Outdoors application you can use your phone for GPS waypoint navigation, mapping where you go, and geo-tagging photos and audio clips – great for hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, geocaching and other outdoor trips. At you can share the trips recorded with your phone, plan new trips, search for trips shared by experts at the BACKPACKER Magazine and other users, and send trip routes and tracks wirelessly to your phone. A free PC mapping application for trip planning and Facebook application for sharing your trips are included with purchase.