Trekking Poles: MSR Deploy TR3

Trekking poles from MSR you can adjust one-handed.


Min Length (inches) 1


Max Length (inches) 1
MSR Deploy TR3 (Courtesy Photo)

MSR Deploy TR3 (Courtesy Photo)

 [one-handed versatility]

Sometimes, stopping every five minutes to adjust your trekking poles can get annoying, or even dangerous if you’re clinging to the side of an icy summit slope. For mountaineers, skiers, and hikers who are in constantly changing terrain, the Deploy offers a convenient way to adjust your poles on the fly—and with just one hand. A spring-loaded trigger inside the handle (picture a pump-action shot gun) releases simply by squeezing the handle toward the shaft. The middle and lower shafts then pop into slots that lock with a metal button. The -inch diameter, shafts made from light and strong aircraft grade aluminum, are exceptionally stable on steep, off-trail terrain. Ding: High-tech comes with a high price. $159; 1 lb. 5 oz.;